Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sirens On Silent??

This morning when I walked out to the kitchen for my coffee, which I must have before speaking,breathing or pretty much anything, Hubs was standing at the big front window.
Apparently there was some big stuff going on in our neighborhood during the night!

As you can see in the pictures, we had us a fire!!

The strangest part is that neither Hubs or I heard any sirens or commotion at all!

And this garage fire was not very far from our home. The final photo was taken on my front porch without using the zoom!! (the red truck is the house that caught on fire!)

So let this be a warning. Don't expect Hubs or me to hear your cries for help during the night. When we sleep we are GONE!!


  1. My hubby is the same way. A few years ago someone broke out our drive-side car windows and stole a few items from us.

    I was out cold, he was AWAKE! We didn't hear a sound and it was in the driveway right outside the bedroom window.

  2. You two must truly sleep like logs. I am jealous!


  3. Well, to be honest....I do wear ear plugs because of SOMEONE'S ridiculously loud snoring! But still! Sirens?

  4. Having a fire that close is scary! I wouldn't have heard anything either, not a thing!

  5. My husband would have been the same way. I would have probably still been up when it I am now at 2:20 in the morning. But it is scarey that you were able to sleep through all that.

  6. My husband can sleep through anything (even his 3 alarms right next to his ear). When my daughter was growing up, I always bragged about the fact that I could hear anything that moved in the house during the night. If she turned over in bed in the bedroom across the hall, I could hear it. Fast forward a few years....yeah, now I'm like my husband....I pretty much sleep through anything. LOL!


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