Saturday, August 7, 2010

Clearing My Mind

Today is Saturday, Hubs and I did a lot of nothing for most of the day. Sat around playing with the Internet on our laptops as we sat across from each other in the living room. Pretty pathetic on a gorgeous day. So finally late in the afternoon Hubs says,

"I'm going for a ride,
wanna go?"

I nod yes, but continue my web browsing for the perfect 'mother of the groom' dress. He turns off his laptop and heads to the garage. I better move it or I will be left behind! I go put on some jeans instead of my summer dress and off we go!

Out on the bike my mind considers the fact that we did not get a paycheck yesterday. For the first time in many, many years. I decided pretty quickly not to go there. Look at the pretty trees, aren't they amazing?....Yes, they are! And look at the field of tomatoes coming up here. Wonder what all those hundreds of tiny white butterflies are doing? So beautiful!

I am easily distracted when there is good reason
to be.

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  1. Yes do like the way you describe yourself as pathetic, when surfing the web....Looking at the trees, is much more fun!


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