Thursday, February 4, 2010

White Out

Today I re-connected with an old friend who asked if I was still "into" writing. I said yes, but this blog site would not be a great evidence of that. Especially THIS post! You've been warned.

We eat a big lunch out most days & then just snack at night. (yes, the empty nest is a wonderful thing!) Tonight I was preparing one of my favorites; apple slices, cheese, crackers & white wine. But the cracker box was empty (you'd think that would be over-with in an empty nest!), so I grabbed some chips & added them to the plate.

Is this not the most ridiculous meal you ever saw? White apples, white cheese, white chips & white wine! Not very appetizing looking but I am finding it quite yummy. And yes, I realize that the fatty chips are more than making up for the healthy fruit. If I refill the wine glass it won't matter.


  1. haha! Cute post, I love it! I don't know what it is but for some reason a lot of my meals come out orange!

  2. Looks like white zin and delish to me:)

  3. Sadly, I often serve monochromatic dinners ... with light brown being my specialty.

  4. Looks grand to me. I'd come over for that any time.


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