Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Black & White-Blue & White

Does anyone else love Black & White decorating? When Rocker Son moved out & we RECLAIMED our Guest Bath I went crazy with B/W stuff, I love it! I can add a colored candle or flowers to change it up easily, very fun. I am pleased with our re-do! We spray painted the cabinet & the mirror frame....not a real good idea to do spray paint inside, especially in a small room! But we survived.

The other room we have completely re-done is Rocker Son's bedroom. This was a dark hole that remained locked when guests were in the house, I will spare you the details. I had fun making this a blue & white room with all my blue stuff that has been put away since moving our home from Classic Country decor to a little more up to date & contemporary.
It was fun to make it homey for my Mom who spends a week with us each year. I think she will love it! Especially since she says the rest of our house is too masculine now! :)

We found a wonderful bed set at Ikea that is not pictured. It feels good to have every room in my home a place to be proud of. It's definitely not perfect or glamorous, not even as nice as most of my friend's homes, but we love it!


  1. I LOVE black and white decor. The bathroom looks amazing! Awesome shower curtain. I'm so jealous. I have small children and can't decorate at all. Maybe one day...

  2. Yes Shawna, your day will come. I remember the many years of just making it & knowing that "clean" was way more important than "pretty".


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