Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hubby Calls It Sweeps Week at Our House!

February is MY MONTH! Feb 13 is my birthday, of course February 14 is Valentine's Day which you all get to celebrate along with me & February 18 is our Wedding Anniversary!

So, for poor Hubs it can be a pressure filled month, but for me it is mostly just fun! Me, me, it's all about me! This year he did really well, we've had some years where I have felt very unappreciated & forgotten. It is easy for that to happen when you are a young mom & life is so full of busy-ness that the days slip by without notice. (Hubs hates greeting cards, thinks they are a waste of paper & money...I LOVE CARDS! So that tiny difference between us can lead to huge bad stuff in the air, if you know what I mean!)

But this year he bought out the Bath & Body Store because he knows I love bubble baths & smelly stuff. Thankfully, he also knows my favorite scent, Japanese Cherry Blossom. He also found a new scent for me to try & I like it too, yay! (We recently regained our single bathtub for my use after Rocker Son moved out. It required some major sandblasting to get it clean but it is now sparkly & ready for me!)

The fun little rose cake & the heart full of chocolates were gifts from students & the gorgeous scarfs are from my good friend Barb. I feel extremely loved & pampered as I enter my 55th year.

Aaaaand the fun's not over yet! Hubs reserved a night at our favorite B&B in Mendocino for our Anniversary! Guess I better find a gift for him now huh?


  1. Yes, he did, and this year I didn't even set my empty bottles out as a gentle reminder! Ha!

  2. Oooh, a night in Mendocino, I love it!!


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