Saturday, February 6, 2010

Simple Things I Love...

It is so easy to feel totally overwhelmed with the enormous need in Haiti right now. There is one simple & natural way that we bloggers can help a tiny bit. All you have to do is write a post about a few simple things that you enjoy, and the author of the blog Enchanted Oak will donate $2.00 towards the cause in Haiti. That's right! All you have to do is what you already do. BLOG!! Write a post about what simple things in life make you happy, and they will donate money on your behalf!
What could be easier?
Be sure to include a link to Enchanted Oak & leave them a comment letting them know you are on board!
Simple Things I love...

Glass Beach, where the broken glass & garbage from a nearby
dump has been turned into beautiful beach baubles.

The smell & fresh feeling of a
newly painted room.

Having a heater that works & makes
my home cozy & comfy.

Going to a job every day that I love.

That Hubs could not keep his secret Anniversary plan
secret for even one day!

That Writer Son is in love!

That I only run the dishwasher once a week
since Rocker Son moved out.

That I get to work with my best friends.

A washer & dryer that do
what I tell them to do.

The way both my sons hug me every
single time they see me!

The country road I drive to work on every day.
The scene is constantly changing!

Food in my fridge & clothing
in my closet.


  1. great list...could not keep it for one day? smiles. love me some country roads as well...

  2. Dear Brenda Susan ~~~
    We love the same old movies. Give me something with Cary Grant in it and I will be in seventh heaven. I loved your list and that photo of glass beach really rocks. Ha! My twenty-something daughter is in love with a wonderful guy, so I kinda know how you feel about that one. Your whole life sounds like one big beautiful blessing, and I am so glad I got here to meet you. This has been the real joy today, meeting people like you. United, for just a moment, in gratitude and thoughts of Haiti. Thank you. Chris from Enchanted Oak.

  3. P.S.
    Your blog's a lot of fun. I got those menopause jiggles too. Glad you can laugh at it. I'm still chuckling every time I see the mirror. We live on the coast between LA and SF. Where are you?

  4. Hi Brenda,
    What an awesome list!
    "That Writer Son is in love!"
    So cute.
    Thanks for joining us.

  5. Hi, just wandering around reading the simple things people love.
    Cute Hubs, so busting he can't keep a secret, and heaters in winter? That's me, I keep one buzzing away at my feet all day.

  6. Yay for Writer Son!

    And my husband and I can't keep secrets (especially good ones) from each other either.

    Great list!


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