Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've Been Married How Long???

Today, February 18, is our 32nd Wedding Anniversary! And yes, the photos are undeniable evidence that we were married in the 70's & that I made poor Hubs were maroon & pink! It is truly amazing he did it....especially now that I know him so much better! How in the world did we (mostly my mom!) talk him into that? I am full of regret about that choice & wish I had photos of my handsome man in a black tux. Hm.....looking at the cake pic just now....the look on his face could be tied in some way to what we made him do. He's enjoying that entirely too much!

I do love my dress though. It was a gorgeous off-white heavy lace trimmed thing of beauty. After going to so many weddings of our young students lately, I see that my dress is a whole lot more material than the modern ones now. Most are off the shoulder & low-cut, which is very pretty & sweetly dramatic. I did not have enough "up there" to keep a dress like that up though, so it would have made me way too nervous!

February is fun around here & love is definitely in the air! And THAT is all I'm going to say about that! (For now!!!)


  1. Cute pics! I never have had enough "up there" either. I've had to use double back foam tape to keep my dresses up!

  2. :o) Oh how many things most of us would change....the girls of today will think the same things some day. You were beautiful!!!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Found you through Friday Follow. You and hubby look so cute together and HAPPY!

    Wishing you both a Happy 32nd Anniversary and many more years of happiness and love!!!


  4. aww that's so sweet! it's been so long

  5. I just LOVE wedding pictures, no matter WHO the bride and groom are! These are just beautiful, thanks so much for sharing them!

    Hi! I'm new to your blog and I'm so glad I stopped by! I'm your newest follower!

  6. happy anniversary, doncha remember the paisleys and 'leisure suits' the older people wore in the 70's--his tux fit right in.
    also, I know that professional photographic papers from a short era back then were defective and faded to that maroon color-
    I'm sure you remember that maroon choice, yes?

    ps thanks for contributing to the fledgling 55from55 blog

  7. Wonderful post, Brenda! Really enjoyed the pictures, too, especially the one of your hubby feeding you cake. He's looking at you with such love...*sniff*

    PS Happy Anniversary!


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