Thursday, June 18, 2009

All My Eggs in One Basket!!

I have a bit of a problem lately regarding one of my most favorite things......computers! I love to be on here, blogging as pretty much become my evening entertainment if we are home.

Computers are also important to me at work, especially all summer as I prepare for the next school year which we be upon us in about 10 short weeks! (Sorry, but that is the truth!) I print up the curriculum plans, the letters to potential students, forms & sign-up sheets galore, name badges, binder covers, info packets for outreach ministries, blah,blah,blah..! That is not even considering the constant emails back & forth with potential students moving here for the school & inviting speakers to teach, etc.

Well, the "eggs in one basket" problem is catching up with me in that BOTH my home laptop & my work desktop computer are about to die any minute!
Just now I sat here & gingerly transferred all my pics to Cd's, my blog writings to a flash drive, along with all my work stuff here on my laptop. It's all safely on flash drive! It felt kinda like you might feel when choosing what to grab in a fire! It's got me all panicky & indecisive!

My home laptop which I am on right now is switching back & forth between battery & electric like it has a short in it. But we have already replaced the cord so that is not it. My computer guy today said that it is inside the laptop & not worth repairing!!! :0 The reason I am treating it tenderly is that if it goes to battery & stays there, it will die in about one hour & that will be all she wrote, as they say.

SO, my work computer is a dinosaur that everyone there can't believe I am still using. But $$ has been low in our ministry & I have been on a waiting list for a new one for over a year! Yesterday I was writing a message to someone & I kid you not, I would type a sentence & wait for the count of TWENTY for it to appear on the screen!! What?? That was a new trick & I was not laughing! My Hubs heard me literally growling at my desk & I told him what was happening. Today he went in to talk to the ministry accountant & soon appeared with an unused beautiful computer that was not needed by someone anymore! Woo-hoo! I am so excited to get back to the office tomorrow!! Yay! Some of my eggs got rescued anyway! My hero! Of course I've been growling about my computer for months but he said something at the exact right moment & I am saved!

I don't know what is gonna happen to my blogging though. I am super uncomfortable right now, sitting in a weird position so the laptop does not get moved or bumped. But I will try to stay caught up cause I really love reading you guys & writing my stuff. Please don't stop checking on me ok?
I think I'm gonna need some major yoga stretching after this long session!


  1. Trying to catch your image in my mind. One of our daughters is having the same problem with her laptop but it's only a couple of years old...glad we have a warranty...we've replaced the cord...hmmm, necessary but frustrating. WOO HOO that one for work was found....loved all your pictures from your week away...

  2. I've been thinking about online backup. I know mozy has free storage for 2 GB, and both mozy and carbonite have unlimited storage for about $60 per year. BUT the idea of all my personal files online, no matter how secure, also makes me a little nervous! What think you?

    Hope your computers can make it until you've backed them up. Good luck!


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