Friday, June 5, 2009

Old Library Lover

Well, come to think of it, that title could be taken wrong. I love old libraries! That is what I mean to say. I'm not sure why old things intrigue me. The history they have seen & managed to exist beyond is interesting to me. This old typewriter [ Yes, my young ones, this was used long, long before blackberrys, Facebook & texting! ] belonged to my dad when he was in high school, he graduated in 1949, but I don't know how old the typewriter is. I love looking at it, it makes me smile! [ It also appears to be making my cute Hubby smile too! Ha! ]
The library in my small town is a fun & cozy place to hang out. I have lived in this town for 19 years & have probably read a high percentage of the books here. I also go to a big fancy place in the next town over when I want recent books, as in; those written in the last 5 years.
Something in me feels like this little place needs me. The people that work here are not especially friendly, that must be an urban myth; that all small town librarians are kind & motherly or professorial. The elderly folks here, along with a few volunteer teens, tend to ignore us browsers until we hound them into helping us find the biography our kid needs for homework or the perfect book for our summer drive out of state. [ I don't drive much on trips, I just read! ]
This library is set in the far corner of a small city park in the middle of our downtown area. I have actually come into this little place dressed in biblical robes! No I am not a nun or robe-wearing cleric of any kind, but I did organize the best little Living Nativity in The Park you ever saw right in this park every Christmas for about 8 years! While Mary & Joseph were hanging out near the manger the rest of us wandered through the crowd handing out hot cider in our biblical clothing and, well.....when you gotta gotta go!

Maybe that has something to do with my love for this old library; it holds so many memories for me. And it also harbors countless memories of the parade of people who have spent time in here over the years. How many of the elderly men & women in this town actually spent hours in this little hall of books as kids? This Sunday afternoon I am attending a memorial for one of the elderly ladies who attended the church we pastored here years ago. It has me thinking & remembering my times & loves in this place.


  1. I used to love libraries but its been YEARS since I've even been in one...I could smell them in your post, though :)

  2. My library has the same problem. There are really nasty ladies working in there. It is a shame. I have to admit, I will buy a book off of Ebay or Amazon just so I don't have to go in there. Isn't that awful?

    I wanted to come in and apologize for being such a bad bloggy friend. I have not been on because my life kind of got in the way, and I am back. I just wanted to say I was sorry to you! I hope you have been well.

  3. I know every library in town. My favorite library in the Columbus, OH area is the downtown branch of the columbus metropolitan library. A few stories high with a coffee kiosk in the lobby. Oh... and a gift shop!!

    In the Akron, OH area, the city of Kent has a fabulous old house for their library. Just adorable.

    I like quiet and peace. The library is just perfect!!


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