Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Wonderful Week Away!

Got away for 4 days on the Montery Coast! Enjoy the pics & imagine the sounds of seagulls
& aroma of seawed & wet sand! Nothing like it! So refreshing!

The sweet path from our room to the beach! We watched whales breach

while sitting on a nearby bench.

A different beach with sand as white as snow & finer than salt! Lovely-delicious!

You know you are relaxed when you find yourself taking pics of birds!

Yep, he still loves me! My maiden name initials.


  1. This is beautiful!! My husband wants to go to Monterey so bad and now I see why. It looks rugged and gorgeous. Love your sandy feet!

  2. What a lovely relaxing time it looks like you had there! Great pics!


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