Friday, June 19, 2009

I Was Unfairly Accused!

Recently on our fun getaway week, Hubs & I also toured the famous Hearst Castle in the Monterey area. This mansion was built & owned by William Randolph Hearst, newspaper & magazine mogul whose family donated it to the state for tours & jealous slobbering. This photo is the "front porch." It was a wonderful tour & extremely impressive as you will see in the following pics. I loved this angel with her shield, very cool & beautiful!
Hearst obviously loved marble because it is all over the grounds & the mansion. He also had a great reverence for the beauty of the human body & serious art.
My favorite part was his amazing outdoor pool! The park staff get to use it once a year.

I have no idea why Hubs posed me here for this shot!?
He had quite a few possible captions for this pic. My choice:
Real men don't need much armour!

The guy in the white shirt who is walking past Hubs is NOT my friend! He was not the tour guide, but he was the ENFORCER of all the millions of rules this place has in order to keep us grimy, dirty public people from hurting anything. I totally understand & agree with rules; I am the only person I know who really follows rules. I return shopping carts, walk in crosswalks & never ever litter
But this guy THOUGHT he saw me lean against a marble pillar to take these pics of the pool. He was on the other side of the pool & kept motioning to me with waving arms, in front of the whole tour group, to get me to stop leaning. Well, I WAS NOT LEANING OR EVEN TOUCHING IT!
I was so embarrassed. He came to me & explained that we must not TOUCH anything & then he smirked when I told him that I had not touched it all.

The 3 pics above are the indoor pool! Simply gorgeous! There were sections of gold even in the floor tile & the guide loved to say that if it looked like gold it WAS gold.

Our indoor pics did not turn out due to the NO FLASH rule which again I totally understood & agreed with. But on one of those outdoor pics my camera flashed & that guy was on me AGAIN loudly saying "NO FLASH!" I had turned it off but it re-set itself between pics & this time when he barked at me I almost threw the camera at Hubs & said I was done, he had to do any pics we wanted, not me!
The emotions were amazing & surprising at such a silly little accusation to ME, the rule-obeying-control freak! I felt such huge ANGER mixed with a very real desire to CRY! How stupid would that have been? It was as if he was out to get me, that's what felt so awful.
Anyway I need to stop talking about this cause I'm getting all bugged again.

This is a lovely statue but I could not help wondering if she is checking her deodorant!


  1. That place is amazing! It is like something out of a movie. Absolutely gorgeous! As for the guy that was the no-flashing-rent-a-cop... I just don't get it. I get why no flashing nudity but camera flashes? Come on!

  2. Isn't that an amazing place...I wonder how long it would take to build such a place today. I was there in the mid 70's...still so vivid in my mind. So ornate....

  3. most excellent pictures and boy, am i green with envy- except about the tour guide watcher dude- like anyone is likely to make off with one of those statues !!lol

  4. Wow, I can't imagine actually living in a place like that!

    And your last caption made me laugh. :D

  5. Those are awesome pictures!!! I'm sorry that they guy ruined your good time. I am the same way, all it takes is one thing to make me upset and it will stay with me all day long.

  6. Hahaha! I loved your post about the Hearst Mansion. Great Pictures! I've always wondered what it looked like. I'm from the Midwest and grew up around the town & school that his mother, Pheobe Apperson Hearst, taught. Thanks for sharing!


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