Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cause Linda Said To

As usual LINDA over at 2nd Cup of Coffee is always stirring (stirring? get it?) up trouble. She just can't let us blog along without a challenge or two or four!! Her latest, BESIDES THE EXERCISING ONE, is to have us post our baby pictures on April 1st, & here it is, the time as come to do such a silly, pointless thing for you all. But if Linda says it, then it MUST be done!! Ha!
BTW regarding that first pic...I'm STILL fighting the belly fat!

Thanks for keeping it exciting girl!
ADDED 5 MINUTES AFTER POSTING: OOps, Linda did not start this, it was started at this site! That's what I get for trying to be all sassy-like!


  1. That first pic is the funniest/cutest I've seen all day. Not only the little belly but the expression. Wow, I almost got credit for "O Baby," but then you wised up without my telling you. Darn. But you are a funny, girl.

  2. You were a cute little Buddha baby.

  3. look at you brenda !!!
    how scary is that having a babe that age perched on a chair like that- still photographic memories must be made.

    the other two tell me how joyful you really are- you have a light within your soul, even if you are not smiling xx


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