Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why I Love California!!

I had breakfast with the bunnies the morning after Easter! Aren't they cute? I guess I'll just have to take Writer Son's to him at work because I'm sure he could not have meant to leave it behind! Ha!
Why do I love California? OK, I'll tell you why. Because of days like today! And there are a lot of days like today! It's the middle of April & the temp today was 82 degrees with the weather man predicting 92 for the next 2 days!! Woo-hoo! Love it! Today we did what everyone does on the first gorgeous day of the season, we went to Lowes & Home Depot. It was packed with smiling Moms & Dads pushing huge carts of flowers & yard supplies out to their cars & SUVs. Here are the indestructible flowers that I always get, aren't they pretty?

As we buckled up in the car my Hubs mentions that our timing may have been a bit off in getting these flowers right before we are gone from home for 10 days. Oh yah, forgot about that!
Oops! We do things so carefully. And, no, don't suggest that Rocker Son will remember to water for us, not even going to ask him. I'll just put the flower pots in the shade & hope for the best. The last I heard, he is going to be in Las Vegas with some buddies for most of the time we are gone which is good because I have heard some really scary stories about what happens in my home on our annual trips away. I don't even tell him the exact dates of our return so that he has to assume we are coming at any moment. Smart mom!

Here are my poor neglected rose bushes & the honey-suckle or jasmine under my kitchen window, I get them mixed up. Whatever it is, it smells totally wonderful! Gardener, I am not! But I also added some colorful gardenias to our front planter & I am hoping that I put them in thick enough that the neighborhoods cats will stop using my front yard as the communal bathroom! I sprinkled pepper in the dirt, any other ideas out there?

Our not-too-friendly cat, Tony was a little annoyed that I dared to be outside without food in my hands while I was taking these pics. I will translate that look: "Get up off your butt & scoop me up some of that boring dry food you insist on buying for me!" So, I did as he demanded because his nails are longer than mine.

So, there you have a typical day off in wonderful, sunny Cali! Thinking of buying one of those plastic kiddie pools at Walmart for myself! No grandkids yet, but gotta practice somehow, right?

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  1. Yay for warm weather! We were at Home Depot today too. Somehow we spent way too much money on veggies for the garden, but I'll consider it an investment for yummy summer eating.

    Your backyard is beautiful!


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