Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a Great Time of year!

I love setting up my Nativity Sets each year & I have been wondering about a blog post to tell you the deep & ridiculous things that go through my mind while I carefully unwrap them each November 26th (or there abouts) & figure out where to display them around my home.

Happily the perfect reason to indulge myself just came up! I was browsing through all the fun, funny & inspirational blogs out there today & came across this!

Jan Mary over at" Welcome to My World" has invited us all to post pictures of our own nativity sets for a Christmas Nativity Set Carnival on December 21, 2009! Yay, the way this usually works is that you post your post & then go to her site & get your name on a list that will send people to you & hundreds of others doing the same thing! Very fun! You get to meet others with same collection passion & they come see you too, every one wins!

1 comment:

  1. Love your nativity set. Most of my decorations are still in storage in Minnesota. I really miss them!


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