Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shower Visitations

Rocker Son moved out of our home this last Friday. I went to bed that night a bit weepy but knew it was the right time & it was done in the right way.

I packed up the Christmas tree ornaments that were his, Spiderman, The Hulk, & a few other obvious Rocker Son decorations. I also included in the box a few of our traditional ornaments that he has seen on the family tree for years. I know they will not really be properly appreciated right now, but if they survive his rowdy lifestyle, they will be good keepsakes for him.

I'm wondering now if I should have waited to give them to him? How do you do this? Is there a handbook on sending young adults out into the world?

Funny thing about that moving-out day that ended with a long hug & a tall hairy guy with a giddy smile...........He showed up here the next day to use "our" shower because his was too wimpy!! He also told us that he & his roommates went to the store to get essentials for the house & one guy actually bought a flat screen TV & then insisted they go home right away. So they get home & still have no light bulbs or can opener or dish soap!! Ha!
This is going to be interesting!

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