Monday, December 28, 2009

Butterfly Brenda

I have not had a moments regret for adding this beautiful piece of art to my body this last year. I still love it & the surprised looks on faces of people who saw me as a quiet little former pastors wife. (Note to PWs; don't take offense at that statement, it's just how others label us & it is TOTALLY wrong!)

I love the colors & where it is placed. I love the freshness of being surprised myself when I see it! I love how the butterfly is waving at God when I raise my hands in worship.

Today I am seeing it as a symbol of 2010 & stepping or flying into more & more personal freedom! It's going to be a wonderful year of using the huge wings that have been behind me all along, even when I did not realize they were there.

No more "walking butterfly" for me.......I'm flying into 2010.


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