Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I cannot upload pics anymore!! Driving me crazy. But you actually ought to be thankful that my subject today is not accompanied by the photo I took for it. The post will most definitely lack some strong punch by not being illustrated for you but, dang it, I'm stuck!

Rocker Son (22yrs) came home the other night with a huge & extremely ugly wound on his back. It is the shape of a large pork chop, bigger than a normal chop though. It is a serious scrape, pussy, bloody & tender with lots of missing skin in the center. That's the gross pic you are not getting to gaze at right now.

So I asked, containing my desire to shriek, "How did this happen?"
His answer? "Went to a wedding last night."

As if that was a fine & normal answer! Oh yah, you attended a wedding, that happens to me all the time when I go to the nuptials of good friends. Those can be pretty dangerous evenings.

There is one huge difference between our circles of friends though. I will drink some wine at a wedding. My friends sometime drink a tiny bit more than they should but HIS friends do not consider it a complete event unless they end up literally falling down drunk.

Which explains his wedding injury. He apparently stumbled over something that was metal & sharp & it scraped as he landed on the ground. A normal occurrence according to him. Now we are daily cleaning & wrapping it & fighting infection.
Do I clean it lovingly & with motherly mutterings? Well, I AM muttering, but it is NOT with loving words. He does not work enough to afford insurance, no coverage at all. I am telling him to wise up & stop putting himself in dumb situations & by the way...get a better job ok?

Ok I have vented my motherly venting for the week, thanks for listening. Oh, and please be aware that he NEVER drives drunk. The girls of his group always drive the guys home. (Yes women are smarter but will do very stupid stuff for their guys.)

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  1. Ouch! That does sound terribly painful. Both the wound and having to watch your son do that.


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