Monday, July 27, 2009

Rocker Son is Doing Better

Today Rocker Son's back boo-boo is looking a bit better. He is keeping it bandaged & covered with triple antibiotic cream & it is getting smaller & a little less gross. Being the mom to a 22 year old who does stupid stuff is not any easier than parenting a 3 year old who does fearless things. But at least the 3 year old is just exploring his world & doesn't know any better. Can't say the same for Rocker Son & his night time exploits which make me kinda crazy at times. Most of the time I have remained calm & not given in to too much worry about him & his wild lifestyle. I really have been pretty amazing, I think!

But when he comes home from a wedding with a drunk induced injury, I am grabbing at all the peace I can get. PEACE cannot live along side fear, have you noticed that? So, I am not allowing fear to make me crazy when he is out partying with his huge group of friends. I am remembering the times that he has been rescued & protected in his life. I am recalling the time he fell off a tube in a rushing river & was pinned under the water when he was about 6. He told me again recently that he saw an angel or something bright under there & seeing it made him feel that he was going to be OK. I believe he was protected. But.....

Does protection happen when you are being stupid? Tonight I am choosing to say "Yes" to that question. If it was God that rescued Rocker Son then, why not trust that God would protect him now? God has certainly gotten me out of some dumb situations! Aren't most of us being stupid at least 50% of the time anyway?

That is how I get myself back to PEACE. By remembering the times that the "bad thing" I was scared of, never happened. Remembering the times that everything worked out great & even better than I could have arranged on my own. I am so thankful for my healthy sons & the normally pretty sensible heads they have on their shoulders. Call me a "Pollyanna" but it works for me & keeps me from getting all over-protective & control-freaky over my family.
(Didn't know I was going to go this direction when I sat down to write, but I guess whatever is "on top" comes out, doesn't it?)

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  1. As the mom of two boys, too, I understand that need to just have faith that they will be alright. Despite their lack of good judgment.


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