Sunday, July 19, 2009


This will be a bullet point post because that is how my mind is working right now.
  • Did your picture upload thing change on your blog posting? I can't upload a pic because it has a different little symbol there & it responds not at all. I love using pics with my posts! What's the deal?
  • My computer caught a bug & I got it cleaned out & then used RESTORE to how it was one month ago. Now for some reason I have no toolbar, no favorites, no HOME symbol to get me back to my homepage. Argh!
  • We are experiencing triple digit weather late into the night. Well, at least it's late for it to be 106 degrees at 9pm!! Just not right!
  • Yay for air conditioning!!!
  • I have missed all of you guys these last few weeks!
  • How can you miss people you've never met? Ha!
  • Rocker Son said he was moving out. Got myself prepared for it emotionally.
  • Actually began to look forward to it, extra bathroom etc.
  • That was 2 months ago, still here!
  • I've been working out for at least 30 minutes every morning for the last 3 weeks! Well, 5 or 6 days a week.
  • Kinda over-did it yesterday. Having trouble walking! Who'd a thought that lifting 4 pounds over your head & between your legs would make your inner thighs yell at you!
  • Didn't have real weights, so I used a huge 4lb box of microwave popcorn!
  • Was seriously craving popcorn for some reason.
  • Kinda wanting some now too!
  • Bye

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  1. Oh glory...great post...popcorn weight lifting..that's creative thinking. As for your restore and stuff is missing...maybe your computer will be like mine...when I did that everything suddenly came was magic. Okay, must hit the road to go work out...too bad our Community Center only has weight popcorn out then take the treat home. lol


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