Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Makeover

I subscribe to a great women's magazine for women over 40 called MORE. It is one of the few women's mags that is not full of recipes & decorating tips, been there, done that. I don't cook & don't really need to see tons of ideas that I don't have time to do, what with all the blogging that must be done around here. Anyway, in said magazine I came across this shocking news blurb. If you are unable to read it I will quote it for you:

TREND ALERT: Boomers pre-planning their funerals have begun asking morticians
to smooth lines, plump lips & even perk up
their breasts before laying
them out in the box.

I am a boomer & my only request is to keep the casket tightly closed at all times. I have also thought about cremation, then no one will have to worry about my make up or perk-less breasts!


  1. OH MY---that is sadly funny!

  2. snicker- no, my kids wont have to worry about me- as in life i will be plain and simple, saggy and baggy........

  3. That is the craziest boomer-trend yet! Morbid vanity!?


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