Sunday, March 8, 2009


The other night I was watching the Nightly News with Brian Williams & he announced that immediately after the commercial break they would reveal a new study that has found Facebook to be dangerous to your health.

Guess what the "study" found........"8 to 10 hours a day of Facebook useage could be harmful to your health." Umm......8 to 10 hours a day of eating vegetables & fruit could ALSO be dangerous to your health!! Doing ANYTHING besides breathing for 8 to 10 hours a day would be harmful, right??

Don't you get tired of these so-called studies that give awful consequences of everything from chocolate to eggs to aspirin? I don't believe any of them anymore because it feels like they are just trying to get a headline. That one about facebook cracked me up. While I can certainly see how a person COULD possibly spend that many hours on the computer, hehem, no no not me!! ha! I doubt that it is a rampant epidemic that warrents such a sensational announcement.
On another note: I'm still on hubby's computer so I'm not blabbering as much as usual. "Come on mailman, hurry up with my new cord ok? "
I have a blogging question for you. Where do you all get the pictures of celebrities or tv shows for free? I always see the copywrite warning when I google someone & don't want to get in trouble. How are you guys doing it?
I have another book review to do, so that will be coming up in a few days.


  1. No, Facebook is dangerous because you can pull something laughing at how fat the mean girls from high school got :)

  2. is blogging dangerous ? then i would have a problem i think- facebook is boring as far as i can tell- maybe that is the risk?

    No idea about the photos etc- will be watching to see what people say........Lisa xx

  3. I do get irritated at those reports and studies. It waters down the really important ones when they put stuff like that out there.

  4. Facebook is definitely addictive! Thank goodness I started blogging or I would still be wasting all my time there. ;-)

    As for the pics.... copyrights be damned: as long as you aren't using everything stolen under the sun I don't think it is a problem to just and paste (with a good ol' right-click) any photos you see on the web. Good luck evading the cops if they show up, though! :)

  5. Ditto Amy's comment. I just look up images on Yahoo! or Google and as long as it is not someone's Flickr pic or I see a copyright, then I don't see a problem. If it is free and on the web I don't think you can get in trouble.

    About Facebook; I am thinking about joining. I just joined in January. I know I am a late bloomer, but better late than never.

  6. LOL @ Amy! I was just about to say...copyright? :-|


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