Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Yoga Room!

Yay for a new yoga room! My oldest son moved into his own apartment this last week, for the second & hopefully final time! We love him lots, he is the easiest person to live with but at 26 it is much healthier for all of us that he be on his own, right? Right!
Anyway we had his room all redone & decorated with our collected items from traveling to China, Fiji & the Phillipines, the FIRST time he moved out & then had to watch it get all full of guy garbage when he had to come back for a bit. Stacks of cds, comics, underwear, drums and computer stuff defintely changed the ambience of the space if you know what I mean. And the aroma!
Now that he is moved out, just in the next town about 8 miles away, we have our beautiful contemplative room returned to us slightly worse for wear. (That gray smudge on the white wall came off easily enough with some 409 cleaner. ) And I am happily using it to do my yoga workout in the early mornings before anyone is up! I just roll my little purple yoga mat out on the straw floor covering & I am all set.
Why does this make me so happy? Keep in mind that yoga or any exersice for that matter takes concentration & calmness to stick with it & not get distracted. I have been doing my workout in my bedroom during the day (on my days off) or evenings while the rest of our 4 person family were doing other things around the house. When I would stretch out on the mat for the floor portion of the workout it would feel so sweet to stretch this way & that until I opened my eyes & came face to face with the bunny size dust bunnies under my bed! Yuck, how do they multiply & grow so fast? I don't get it! (I have discovered that this is one distinct dis-advantage to having all hardwood floors in the house.)
I also had trouble with the balancing poses. To lean way over on one leg with both arms out by your sides can be tricky when you keep crashing into the closet door or bed on either side. Of course now I am really going to have to BALANCE! Yikes! Anyway between the grossness under my bed & the falling into my closet, it was not a terribly peace-enhancing, mind relaxing endeavor.
But now I have eliminated my last excuse for lack of exercise, oops!


  1. I remember your comment on my blog about you anticipating the day when your son would move out and you could have a yoga room. So, Congratulations! Happy stretching!
    May you achieve perfect balance. ;)

    (Hope this comment posts. I've tried to post a comment on your "Downward Dog" --very funny BTW, but my comment didn't stick for some reason.)

  2. Hi Brenda,

    Congratulations on your yoga room! Happy stretching. May you find perfect balance.

    This is an experiment. :) I sent a comment here before, and another for your "Downward Dog" post (hilarious, BTW) and neither showed up. Nor my comments on other blogs, either. I'm thinking my blogger ID got messed up when my email address changed.

    I know you're monitoring the comments, but you probably didn't receive my others?



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