Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Today was a gorgeous sunny day & I had a great time at work with so many fun people! Now I am getting ready to make a taco dinner for my oldest sons' birthday. That little cutie (the one on the right!) has turned 26 this week! I cannot believe it at all! He is in his own apartment now & is very eager to come have a dinner at home! One of his roommates told me that it is so weird to go to the fridge & not just see that food has magically appeared there! Ha! Ah Real life!
Maybe I will do a blog about my amazing sons sometime soon. My oldest is Writer Son & his brother at age 22 yrs is Rocker Son. I'm crazy about them of course!
Well better get into the kitchen & see if I still know how to cook anymore.


  1. We have more in common.
    My oldest son is 26 and my youngest is 23.
    Sons are a hertiage from the Lord. Psalms 127:3
    Blessings, Cindy


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