Friday, October 24, 2008

Here I Sit

Ok I'm sitting here in my comfy chair & reading blog after blog after blog & laughing & smiling as I travel around to all the amazing women out here in internet-land! But just down the hall & within my eyesight the exsercise mat is calling me because we have not been together for THREE DAYS! Not good at all, because that means I'm going to be all stiff now & have to warm up longer in order to do anything harder.

So I keep saying to myself, "One more site then that's it!" But the next site mentions someone else & I may never know about them again & never get back there. This is just so fun & eye-opening to see how others live & think. I'm reading new moms & wishing I had this outlet when my boys were little. I'm seeing creative decorating ideas & dieting plans & funny stories that make me think about some of my own funny happenings & then wonder if I should try sharing them with you all.

So here I sit hanging out with unknown "friends" & being totally excited that I actually got TEN comments today! Woo-hoo! :) It's almost 5 pm on a Friday & I am not commuting or closing up a store or church office. I am in my beautiful home & hearing the birds singing out my window & wondering what to eat for dinner. I'm thinking that Mr. Yoga Mat is going to have to wait for saturday morning for our next get together.

And I blame you all.


  1. I will be the blame about the Lays chips! I'm SORRY!!! :)

    I hope you have a nice weekend. Enjoy your blogs...the Mat can wait until tomorrow. Have fun!

  2. Hey Brenda Sue. It was fun getting to know you in these posts. Funny, you don't seem PG-13! I always enjoy meeting bloggers with kids similar to mine in age. Mine are 22, 19, and 15. Loved the post about the son moving back in!

  3. That chair looks super comfy!
    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Hi Brenda Sue,
    I'm cannot remember how I got to your blog but here it is on my favorites list and I've never read it. Hmmm! I guess I'm supposed to be here tonight.

    I love the Cali beach feet ~ that is where I grew up ~ on the beaches of California ~ I miss that sososo much.

    I will be back to get to know you soon.

  5. Jody, two Coffee Ladies & Cindy,
    Thanks for coming by! I love reading your stuff so it's really fun to see you come by my "house
    for a visit.


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