Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buy Me Stuff

I learned something about myself this week. Well, actually that seems to be happening most weeks but this was so clear it kinda shocked me. There is a popular book called The Five Love Languages or something close to that anyway. I have not read it but I have heard its' contents discussed around me a lot the last few years. Apparently we all have a certain best way for love to be expressed to us. Some feel truly loved when you spend time with them, others thrive on words of praise & some on the sense of touch. Interesting stuff & I know several parents who find it helpful in letting them know the best way to show their children how much they are loved. Cool!

I have taken the simple test many times over the years & I am always bugged by my results. It turns out that if you really want me to know you love me, you have to give me something! My "love language" is gifts! It sounds so awful & selfish & ......well, greedy! It also sounds true. But, my mind keeps saying to me, doesn't everyone love getting presents? I did not realize the depth of my "issue?" until this week. Two days ago to be exact.

My birthday is Friday the 13th (only good luck for this lady). My amazing hubs asked me what I wanted for my birthday & I suggested he do his magic on eBay & find me a used Blackberry. I'm the strange woman at the staff meeting who pulls out a giant DayTimer to calendar her stuff while everyone else is tapping away on their cute little iphones, blackberries, blueberries & whatevers. I love gadgets but we don't spend on luxuries like that. I've been using the same little silver beat up cell phone for several years, it still works, why replace?

So he gets on eBay (he loves eBay & gets a lot of great deals, like his entire motorcycle!) & we look over the hundreds of old Blackberrys. I start squealing over the pink or red ones & we narrow the search down, now we are getting somewhere. I'm getting excited, can almost imagine the cute little thing in my hands! He says since we can't really tell what the features are by pictures & written descriptions we should go to a local store & write down the exact names & numbers of the model I want most & then we can narrow the ebay search even more & get a perfect deal. He does much of his shopping this way. He'll try on jeans at the store & then come home & order the perfect size which arrives in the mail in less than a week!

Okay, so there we are in the store, surrounded by all these shiny items & friendly clerks. We ask tons of questions, our clerk asks tons of questions & we get it pretty much figured out what would please me. I write it all down on my old fashioned tablet using an old fashioned pen. :) We leave the store to compare prices at another store, just in case we decide to go ahead & get a new one. I'm thinking, yeah right, once we leave the store the possibility of actually purchasing is pretty much out the door!

But I find myself back in the original store again in less than an hour & my hubs is saying to the guy "We want the red Blackberry Curve." !! What? My heart actually started beating so hard that I leaned against the counter & I began to giggle in a way that was not entirely appropriate for a customer in a snotty phone store! I was holding on to him & just laughing! Seriously, I am not sure how to describe what that moment & pretty much the rest of the day felt like inside me. I felt trembly. I felt melted. I felt worthy!

We do not do stuff like that. Well, I will say, we never used to do stuff like that! My hubs & I are careful (thrifty, cheap, frugal) spenders. We are both clearance rack shoppers & love a deal. Our family style is just that way. Until the last few years I had shopped at thrift stores & even used coupons at SUPERCUTS for as long as I can remember. As I stood next to my husband in that store smiling my goofy smile at the clerk I learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that my "Love Language" is definitely gifts! And yes, that's my new baby at the top of the post, isn't she the cutest?


  1. what a great story- every day in amillion different ways we find out something new about ourselves ( or merely confirm something long suspected )
    I too, look for the bargin- its just how i am- i use until they die and then replace, that sort of thing, so can relate to your post.

    I also wanted to ask if i may use the idea of your 'letter to my younger self'- I am amazed how profound it is and i would ofcourse link people to the original.

    Love and Blessings, Lisa x

  2. She's gorgeous! I have a pink one and I love her very much. Congratulations on the new arrival! You will LOVE it! I carried around a big ol' organizer until last year when I got my Blackberry. I didn't have the money to buy it, but got a great contract deal and I use it all.the.time!

  3. She is beautiful. I saw the family resemblance right away. And I am so cheap - a gift like that would have blown me away:)

  4. Lisa - Thanx for the comments. I did not originate the "Younger self letters" though. You should link back to
    I think her name is Missy, she started it. Cool!

  5. YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE!!! First of all, we're both February babies cause my bday is THURSDAY. :) And second, I'm pretty sure my love language is also gifts. I'm already giddy just thinking about what Jonathan got me! I have no idea! I love a surprise! :)

    Enjoy your new present. She's so cute.

  6. I am the same language of love as you. It also works the other way in the language you use to show your love. I am definitely a gift giver when it comes to love. Just a shame no one remembers to give me a gift. Would you believe my birthday was forgotten last year, by my new husband! He has only been with me for 9 years!
    Love the new addition am so jealous

  7. I think it is great! I just got a new phone from AT&T also...but I didn't stray far from what I had. LOL! I went from a Razr V3 to a Razr V3xx. Change scares me..hehehe

  8. I love this! You are honest. And I do get what you mean about being frugal most of the time so this splurge was extra special. Wow. What a nice thing to happen! I'm happy for you. I GET you!

  9. Good for you! And good for hubby for splurging and getting you a brand new shiny lovely phone! (Though I know it is so much more!!!) It is good to treat yourself to something like that every once in a while.

    And I'm going to have to find out what my love language is! I suspect it may be the same as yours! : )

  10. Hi (again!) I just had to stop by and tell you that your recent comments just cracked me up! The "vaginal odor" thing ... yes, a plant! And so far Google AdSense has not responded!!! I'm so sad! : )

  11. Happy Birthday Brenda Susan! That's one sweet-looking baby! Best Wishes!


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