Sunday, February 15, 2009

Anniversay Week

This being our anniversary week I opened my laptop "some time" ago to wax eloquent about my hubby & our wonderful (off & on) marriage. But that "some time" ago was actually about 2 1/2 hours ago! I know, I know, you mommies of little ones are groaning at the mere thought of having such a chunk of un-interrupted time! My kids are out & about living their lives & stopping in once in a while to let me know they are still alive. And that description also fits the one who still lives with us! Typical conversation:
Me: Hon, did I just hear the front door?
Hub: Yah, Rocker son came in a minute ago.
Me: Is he in his room?
Hub: No he got a call & left about 30 seconds ago.

Anyway, I sat down to write about our life together & how we may or may not have done our 30 plus years right. But I spent too much time laughing & smiling while reading blogs & checking facebook & answering an interview thingy & even doing a butterfly puzzle on someones' blog site!
And now I hear that The Amazing Race is about to start the new season in 20 minutes! I love that show, it reminds me of our yearly mission trips with 30 or 40 students. Drama, running, waiting, laughing, crying etc. It has it all!

So all you get today from me is that adorable photo at the top. I have always loved his profile even though he strongly hates it due to his prominent appendage in the center. :) He is my hero, my prince charming, my biggest annoyance, my best friend, my noisy bed partner, my advocate, my accuser, my tease, my admirer, my love, my soulmate, my practical joker, my wine bottle opener, my true love & my husband. Lucky me!


  1. Lucky you indeed!!! What a beautiful bride you were too! Happy, Happy Anniversary! Best Wishes for many, many more happy years together! Lisa

  2. yes lucky you !
    a nice hubby and 2 hour chunks of free time .
    i think we are soul mates !

    lisa xx

  3. That is a great photo. And we all know how time gets away from us at this computer:)

  4. You look beautiful and still the same. Damn! I hope I look that good after 30 years with the same ol' flame.
    Anyways, love the photo.


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