Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Proud Faces...

The Groom-Writer Son and me at his wedding reception.
I know my blog-friend Shawna will not like me trash talking myself, but it was a bad hair day
sadly. Very flat and boring. My hair has looked better every single day since the wedding, wouldn't you know it! ha!


  1. great pic! Love the happy faces!

  2. There's that purple dress I read about! Great color on you!

  3. Great photo, we all think we have bad hair days! Your hair looks great to me.

  4. Girl, you were outside in Texas. Your hair couldn't be anything BUT flat.

    If you can manage to look gorgeous in Texas (which you did), you must have some serious natural beauty.

    Love the glasses, love the smile (and teeth!), love you in purple, love the necklace, love YOU!

  5. Thank you Ladies! I'm so curious and nervous about the professional pics. They did not take very many shots of us so who knows!

  6. YEAH!!!!! And frankly, I think you looked AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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