Monday, October 18, 2010

Practice Getting Married

The Bride's little sister was great at keeping Sassy Bride calm and happy.
The Dad's got to know one another by working hard  together the day before the grand event!

Beautiful bridge where professional pics were taken! Cannot wait to see them!

My Sons were able to spend some quality time together on Rehearsal day.

Mother of the Bride working with Father of the Groom. It was such a relief
 to find that we really like the in-laws! yay!

Local flowers from friends yards and along the roads!

Miss Sassy Bride directing the rehearsal!

Enjoying the small gifts we gave the Bride & Groom. She is also saying,
 "Don't take a pic, I look awful." I think she is gorgeous here!

The wonderful wooded pathway that all guests & wedding party will follow!

Rocker Son hanging out. Probably texting his girlfriend about how lame this is.

Sassy Bride & Writer Son practicing.

I think will that be enough for today. These are all just my candids! You will be sick of these by the time I show you the Pro Pics!


  1. What fun! Looks like you had an enjoyable time!

  2. looks like everyone will enjoy the time with others. the bride will have an extra sparkle.rose

  3. Such beautiful pics, for non-pro! The rehearsal is so fun.


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