Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let The Girls Out

I found this wonderful jem over at Traci 66, she has a super funny blog with lots of giveaways too! Go check her out! As soon as I saw this it reminded of my girlfriends and our weekly night out together.

Actually we don't "go out" anywhere. We gather at one of our homes, get comfy, drink our wine and yak, laugh, cry, share our rants and our "yays!"!

We are all very busy women. Well, I am the least busy, but the others all travel a lot on ministry trips and speaking engagements or hosting important people in their homes. We finally realized that if we did not set up an appointed time together it would still be too many short, quick hugs in hallways, at church or in the office.

So, once a week we try to jump in our cars and walk into a friend's home without knocking, slip out of our shoes and have a relaxing evening together. All six of us do not always make it to every gathering, but whoever is in town drops everything and comes!

Why did that cartoon bring this to my mind? If you think it is just because it talks about girlfriends, you'd be wrong. It immediately reminded me of our last girls night out in the tiny, cozy home of one of us who is divorced. She used to collect antiques and this super small little "granny house" on someone's property is packed to the rafters in huge but gorgeous antique furniture and pictures.

We were talking away and enjoying the different wines we had brought, when right in the middle of a sentence one of my friends stops her story and says,

"Know what? I'm sorry guys
but I have GOT to let the
"girls" out!"

And she proceeded to remover her bra from underneath her clothes. The hostess laughed and said,

"Why do you think
I'm wearing this loose shirt?"

I said,

"It is my favorite thing
about having an
empty nest!"

So from now on I am pretty sure that our Girls Night Out is really going to be a "GIRLS" NIGHT OUT!


  1. Love the cartoons and phrases, funny

  2. I'm all about comfort AND I just LOVE the south. But in this instance, I'd rather my girls be northern girls than southern I keep them shut-up indoors. ~LOL!

  3. Good point Debbie! "point" Get it? Ha!


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