Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ceremony of 10-10-10 !

My son became a husband on the easy to remember date of ten-ten-ten! This last Sunday night. We flew to Texas from California to witness this amazing and perfect event. I went back to work on Tuesday after arriving home late Monday night and it was a huge mistake! So today, Wednesday, I stayed home and gathered my thoughts, let my emotions flow and rested my tired body. I accomplished all of this while doing laundry and cleaning the entire house! yep, I am something aren't I?

I am rested enough to show you some of the candid pics that were taken. We are anxiously awaiting the professional pics which will be glorious because the forest setting was a "cannot ruin this" background!
We have pics of the day before as we helped pull the scene together but for today I will show you the candids that were caught of the wedding day itself............
Sassy Bride (My pet name for her for now.) wrote lots of short, sweet notes to Ga-ga Groom all day as they waited their turn to emerge for the ceremony!

Ga-ga Groom's first Sassy Bride sighting as she appeared on the forest path leading to him!

Sassy Bride & her adoring Texas Daddy!

Her perfect wedding shoes!

Sassy Bride's vows were 2 typewritten pages long!! His were not!

The Groomsmen. Rocker Son obviously uncomfortable in real clothes for a change!

Sassy Bride's adorable Sis singing.

The gorgeous bridesmaids. All chose their own chocolate brown dresses and looked wonderful!

The parents were invited to come up & pray a blessing over the couple! Felt very honored to do this!
Totally love the in-laws btw!

Writer Son embraced by Bride's daddy!

The Parentals on the front row.

A blurry but sweet moment of giggles!

Told you she was SASSY! My favorite photo so far! Love her!!

You may kiss your bride!

"What you grinnin' about boy?" Ha!

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  1. Yay! Thank you so much for sharing these fun photos. I love that they used sunflowers. And the chocolate brown dresses. And that Miss M is SASSY. And that he's gaga. And that you're "glowing" while sitting on the front row. And that you didn't say anything negative about yourself in the pictures. And that you got to pray over your children during the wedding!!! And the doll playing the guitar (love her look). And that the groomsmen wore slacks. And M's shoes, of course! And best of all, that the wedding was in Texas. I would give anything to be there. :)

    Love you. Hope your heart finds rest from all the emotions it's filled with right now.

  2. Shawna, you are melting me once again with your sweet words! Thanx Hon!

  3. What lovely pictures! Congratulations to you on a new Mrs. Sassy. :) She's so cute. So much to be thankful for.

  4. What great pictures! Outdoor weddings are awesome.

  5. Oh the photos are gorgeous. What a beautiful couple!

  6. Oh wow it was so beautiful! I love the outdoor setting and how the bridesmaids pick their own dresses! Looks like it went beautifully!

  7. Aw, looks like a beautiful wedding! She's gorgeous!!

  8. what a great looking couple. everyone looks so relaxed and happy. thanks for sharing. rose


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