Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writers Write

So writers write, right?

I really and truly do not want to prove the commenter correct who said that she felt sorry for new writers who get all excited about writing but usually end up with nothing because it is so hard to do!

This summer with tons of free time, I was strongly inspired with a great writing idea and plan. But now that my new school job has begun, I have written very little in the past two weeks.

I am creatively and physically exhausted at the end of each day, and the weekends are full of doing the cleaning that could not be done earlier.

I am not making excuses.

Am I?

Where did all my creativity go?

I still have the book plan in writing. I still have the desire. I still believe that I can be a freelance writer.

And I definitely still need the $$ a LOT!

Maybe that is what has changed. The need for additional income inspired me to try again, but it also is taking some of the FUN out of the process.

Pressure can KILL creativity.

But pressure can also SPARK creativity!

Maybe I get to choose?! (Don't mind me, I am thinking aloud here a bit.) Hmm.

If I get to choose, than I clearly choose that the pressure will cause me to find a way.

I will find a way to fan the flame of creativity that is in me.

I choose not to let my two writing rejections stop me from submitting more articles to more places.

I did not fail. I did the first step in my writing plan. It was to begin a new blog and I DID that! I didn't fail.

I just got a bit tired. But that is normal at the beginning of every school year. The rhythm will come back.

I can do this. I am 55 years old, the waiting for maturity is pretty much over! If I am not mature yet....well then we are in trouble!

I want to be paid to write. Someone out there wants to pay me to write.

Here I am.


  1. Hi Brenda!

    You can definitely do it! Don't worry- I have the same issues with creativity. It's extremely difficult to write after a long day at work. It's the reason I've put off my own "writing career" for several years now.

    I'm taking an online writing workshop that I'd highly recommend. The next one starts in November. I'm only in the second week but it's been fabulous. Check out:


  2. You can do it, I know it takes time.

  3. You have not failed; you just haven't connected with the right publication for your writing. You two will get together when God wills it, not when you do. Perhaps you are being taught how to live on less money. Who in the world knows but the Lord! He also often plants ideas in our heads that are not to come to fruition for years. Just because you have the amazing book idea, does not mean it is to be written this year, or in a certain time frame. Maybe now you are to be outlining and jotting down ideas. But the book will come when God times it. Blessings, my friend. I adore you.

  4. You know, you may just want to focus on blogging (your new blog) for a while. You can write short articles that you can later use for your book by extending/reworking them. That would still be working on your book, and it would be fun. :) You are such a blessing to me.

  5. Shawna, Your second comment is exactly why I created the new blog. I have felt torn between my blogs and FB. Where to put my energy. Thanks for the reminder!
    You are a very real blessing to me too!

  6. You're in the incubation stages. Enjoy the warmth!

  7. wow, you guys are all so encouraging, thank so much!

  8. For me, pressure can definitely effect creativity but sometime when I have a deadline it makes me focus and get the job done!

    Glad you still enjoy the bracelet.

    I too have lots of purple and plums but this venture into pink is a new development for me :)


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