Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad Hair Day?

I went to a short one hour class taught by Bill Meyer, an author of 110 fiction books. He also wrote the beloved Christian Book series, McGee & Me. The fun video versions were worn to pieces in our home when my kids were little.

I have never been interested in writing fiction but I attended because it was in my place of work anyway and I thought I may learn something about being a writer.

I did learn something without a doubt! I am NOT a fiction writer! I just do not have that imagination at all. The class was a workshop so the author talked a bit and then gave short assignments to demonstrate the process of creating a character and story out of nothing.

My head was hurting as I tried so very hard to spend 10 minutes thinking up a scenario and main character. I scribbled some words down and then listened in absolute amazement to my fellow classmates. They read aloud about a shy, awkward young guy with huge glasses and a talent for seeing the future. Another told us about a woman who was standing on her head in a public park and all the commotion it caused. On and on they went with funny and serious situations.

Thankfully we were not forced to read our stuff aloud!

What did I write, you ask? How's this?

A woman over fifty with an empty nest trying to find her purpose.

Ha! Totally NOT fiction! It's me! Oy!

So at least now I know for sure that creating a whole story full of people and places is not happening for me. Good to know.

Now for your assignment......What is up with that strange lady at the top of this page?


  1. I would have trouble writing, but you are a writer....I do guess those pics are you distorted??

  2. I think you had a headache in the top picture for sure!

  3. haha those pics are funny! They look like the one's at the fun house on the boardwalk! lol...

    Only 2 weeks till the Wedding! I'm anxious to hear about yours cause you are one week ahead of us!! I'm sure your dress/shoes/clutch will all look perfect together!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by The House on the Corner ~ I'm following you back!!

  5. Yowza! Those are sme crazy pics!

    I, too, am not a fiction writer. Makes my head hurt like in your picture. xo


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