Friday, July 2, 2010

Stay-cation .....

We are stay-cationing this summer. We had our little 3 day trip to Carmel, but we will be staying home for the rest of the summer for many reasons.

Hubs and I shared a job for the last ten years as ministry school directors and teachers. Our school has been recently closed, but we have been offered jobs in the new school being created.....if there are enough students whose tuition's will give us a steady salary again........ We will know this in late August. (Can you hear me inwardly screaming with fear and doubt? It comes and goes!)

Writer Son is getting married this coming October. The wedding is out of state so we will be paying for Rocker Son and us to fly to the wedding. And of course the Groom's family is responsible for the Rehearsal Dinner, so there is that expense plus our new clothes for this happy occasion....oh and gifts for them I'm sure. :0 (And yes, I am grateful to be the mother of sons only!)

Hubs is selling one of our bikes, and my meager writing income of $200 so far, is going directly into a special "Wedding Account". Thankfully we are still being paid by the former job until mid-August! :)

There are two very clear ways to look at this whole situation.




I am moving back and forth between the two.........but more and more my DEFAULT is becoming rest. Since we are still being paid through the summer for our old job, but not going into the office daily, we are pretty much being paid not to work!

While on the look-out for a replacement job if the school does not gain enough students, I am at home. I am sleeping till 8 or 9. Then I take my coffee out to the backyard and sip while enjoying our nice yard and birdies singing. That's my stay-cation photo up above.

Next I head to the spare room for a short work-out then go online and see what's happening in the world or write. This can be a dangerous area where I sometimes end up noticing that it's almost Noon and I'm still in my jammies or work-out clothes!

I ask you....does that not sound a lot like a vacation?? I know!

Thankful for all I have today. I am blessed!


  1. Sounds like a GREAT vacation to me, hehehe.

    Enjoy and happy 4th of July!

  2. I love your yard, and that tree is gorgeous!
    I keep telling myself that if we had it all figured out we wouldn't need faith, but that doesn's stop the worry on this homefront!
    Enjoy your summer!!


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