Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook.....

The Simple Woman's Daybook is a lovely and refreshing site that encourages us to look at the beauty around us within each day. Even the ordinary, uneventful days. It's also fun to have a little peek into other women's lives, after all, isn't that why so many of us read blogs? To find more blog friends and see what their daily lives are like, go link up and share your own simple days.......


Outside my window...The sun is shining, it's California, it does not know what else to do! My cul-de-sac is unusually quiet and I am glad. Maybe all the little kiddies are at summer-school or camp, either way, it's very nice.

I am thinking...that I need an inspiration for my next paid article. Isn't this a good way to find ideas?

I am thankful sons. Writer Son is deep in love, preparing for an October wedding. Rocker Son appears to have survived a drunken weekend in Vegas.

From the learning rooms...I am learning that not knowing the future is OK. Knowing would not affect what I do today very much anyway.

From the kitchen...tonight I am preparing a summer meal of corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. Empty Nest is a wonderful thing!

I am wearing...a new little (size large!) red sundress that I picked up this morning at Super Walmart for $7 !

I am creating...a black licorice tongue with the box of 'Good n' Plenty's' O also bought this morning!

I am going...nowhere for the rest of today. Tomorrow I will attend a staff meeting even though I'm no longer "staff".

I am reading...a fun library book called "Joy School" by Elizabeth Berg. I love it!

I am hoping...and praying that our new ministry school attracts enough students to pay me a salary in September!

I am oscillating fan behind me and some birdsong outside my window.

Around the house...I have potted some new plants this morning and placed them on low pillars on either side of our front door and I'm very pleased with myself because it looks very warm and welcoming!

One of my favorite things...would actually be two things...reading and writing.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Not much is planned. We have tickets to see an art exhibit called "Birth of Impressionism" at the San Francisco De Young Museum. We are going to invite a couple that we love to join us for a fun evening in the city.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing.

Candace at Mi Chiamo Candace gave me
this cheerful
Go check her out, she's really fun!


  1. "Rocker Son APPEARS TO have survived..." LOL... The "appears to" cracked me up!

  2. Yeah, thankfully he just called me a few minutes ago to assure me that He is still alive and didn't do anything irreparable on his party trip! O these men in my life!!

  3. I am off to take a look at the daybook, being the simple woman that i am xxx

  4. Lisa- Hmm, can one be both simple AND complicated? lol


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