Friday, July 16, 2010

Exercise Shmexercise!!!

I have been faithfully working out 30 to 45 minutes six mornings a week for the last 3 weeks and I am seeing very little improvement! Other than sore muscles!

Writer Son is getting married in October in a casual outdoor wedding in Texas. The colors are black and purple and I am looking at dresses like this one. The normal online Mother of the Groom dresses are all wrong for this casual setting and my non-dress wearing life. I love this long summery polk-a-dot dress a lot! If I wear a long dress I won't have to worry about high heels in the grass. butt is large and my arms are flabby!!
I need to up my workouts and I hate it while I'm doing it, but love how I feel after.

I don't really like the bottom of that dress though, wish it did not have the lower tiered affect. Just one layer all the way down would dress it up a bit more. Well I'm still just doing virtual shopping online to get ideas. I would wear a shear shawl with it.

Question......the wedding websites say that the MOB and MOG (mother of groom) only need to be careful not to clash with each other or the wedding colors. But our Bride and some others are saying that they want the Moms to almost match the bridesmaids dresses! Is that a new thing? Does the bride choose the Moms colors?

I'm such a newbie at this, didn't even really plan my own wedding as far as I can recall.
It was 32 years ago and my mom did most of it. Otherwise why would my wedding photos show my handsome hubby in a pink shirt with a maroon tux?? See, we really cannot trust my taste here can we?

***Added next day*** Colors of wedding have changed to chocolate brown with purple & yellow accents. Miss M would like the Moms in the accent colors. Ok, but no yellow for me, I will be looking for a long summer casual dress in purple I guess! ***


  1. Oh, gosh. I'm so glad I've gotten past all of the wedding preparation MOB three times. You should talk to Java at Never Growing Old. She's going through the same thing for a wedding about the same time.
    I dropped in from somewhere (CoffeeSlut, I think). I'll now be a follower.
    Happy dress-hunting.

  2. Hi Weezer, yes, Java & I are blog friends! Glad to have you here, think I'll head on over to your place now!
    Thanx for coming!

  3. When I got married, my colors were black and white and red and silver. But red and silver were just accents. I asked the MOB and MOG to wear black and said they could have white and silver accents but please no red because the only ones with any red were the bride and groom. Did that even make sense to anyone else?
    Anyways, idk if that was normal, but...
    Those colors will look really good in October in Texas! My friend got married at the beginning of last November in an outdoor Central Texas wedding with chocolate brown and yellow and some pink and orange and it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! Can I tell you from long Texas experience to plan for the weather to go either way? Such as it could still be hot then OR could be really cold by then! For instance, before that weekend when she got married, it was in the 70s. The day she got married, it was in the 50s...I was very cold.

  4. Ha! OK were very helpful, sorta! Ha! Thanx!

  5. I hope the "casual" wedding stays that way. So many start out that way and then spiral out of control.

  6. So what's your exercise regime? If you're trying to lose flab, you need lots of cardio not weight lifting. And definitely diet control, I'm sad to say. :( That's why I'm still overweight!

  7. Shawna -
    You are right, I need to do more cardio. I have ordered a video that concentrates on butt, abs & thighs......and I am adding bike time to it also!

  8. I went to a wedding last month and noticed that the mother, grandma, aunties, and other close relatives to the bride were wearing the bridesmaids' colors. By chance, so did I. Just the other day I saw a friend's son's wedding photos and the she and the bride's mom were wearing, yep, the bridesmaids'colors. I thought it was just coincidental, but maybe it is the trend.

    Good luck with your physical goal.


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