Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh The Cuteness!

I honestly do not know
if my Mom eyes
are making me extremely biased.

Or if my very close
relationship with these two people
is strongly affecting
my view
and my reaction.

when I saw this on Facebook just now
my heart jumped
and did a little
twirl of joy!

Our family has a lot going on
right now.
I personally
have a lot
of inner soul searching
stuff going on right now.

But this snapshot
Writer Son & Miss M
has made all the bad stuff
go away.

Is it just me?


  1. No, Brenda, it's not just you. Aside from the point that they're a very attractive two-some, young people have a way of lifting our spirits and giving us purpose.

  2. great photo. what a grin/smile on your son. the girl is pretty

  3. Love the way you write, believe all Moms feel this way!

  4. Nope, definitely not just you! This photo made me smile. Look at the joy on his face?! What mother wouldn't feel better seeing that on their son's face.


  5. Isn't it amazing how your kids can both BE "the bad stuff" AND be the ones who make "the bad stuff" go away, depending on the situation and circumstances?

    I'm so happy they are your joy through this season of struggle. Be blessed, dear one.

  6. No, it's not just you! I was moved by the beautiful photo, and the truthfulness of your post touched me deeply.


  7. Thank you all! What lovely and honest words we bloggers encourage one another with! It really amazes me sometimes. And NON bloggers just do not get it at all!

  8. What a beautiful couple! You raised him very well! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding and its nice to know that someone else is getting a brand new daughter like me! :)

  9. No, it isn't you. That is a photo that would make anyone smile.

  10. You're not biased at all. That is a very cute photo of two kids in love! Sweet.


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