Thursday, April 15, 2010

Such a Doll!

I don't know what it is about Barbie that always make me smile. I had this one, my only one, back when they were new to the world! This one is based on Mrs. Kennedy, it was the newest thing when my Mom got it for me in 1960 or 61 when I was only 5 or 6. Isn't she beautiful?

I remember riding my big pink bike to my friend's house when I was 9 with the shiny black case on one handle bar and a huge cardboard Barbie Dreamhouse on the other handle bar. We played our make believe stories for hours on her bedroom floor. We explained the absence of husbands by saying they were "at the war in Vietnam."

Thankfully I never tried to straighten her hair or mess with it much. It is tight & shiny & always looked just right, similar to her beautiful namesake. My Mom hired a woman to sew a wonderful collection of clothing for my Barbie but sadly I don't have much more than this jeans set, a swimsuit, bridal veil & a sweet flannel bathrobe. I clearly remember a light brown two piece suit that had a soft dark brown fur collar that I swore was mink. Oh yes, it was similar to this amazing brown coat she wore so elegantly!

Why do I smile every time I look at her? I'm not sure, other than the sweet times I had with her & my friends & cousins day after day. Barbie was purely beautiful in my eyes. She was kind & wise & never felt self-concious or scared. I was convinced that she was the type of lady who was friendly even to ugly people that were ignored by others. Barbie was hopefully the future me. And yes, I am a kind lady......but my feet do not crave high heels like hers & my shape has never come any where near hers!


  1. So cute! I used to love my Barbies too. I had quite a few, but my favorite one was Miss America lol She had really long blonde hair and an amazing dress. I wonder if I still have her somewhere in a box or something?

  2. Sheri- Don't lose her! Get her out and have some girl time once in a while! Ha!

  3. Awwwe! I bet it seems like yesterday when you think of those times, doesn't it? It's funny how some of those memories escape time constraints! I hope my children will be able to close their eyes and imagine those moments that made them smile too!


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