Monday, April 19, 2010

I Met A Bear Up-close & Personal Yesterday!!

.......Okay my friends, here's the deal; Blogger & I are having a bit of a serious disagreement this week! (Kinda goes along with a bunch of other stuff that is happening. Must be a special theme right now!) Anyway, this is a great post but sorta stupid without the pics or video....which WON'T LOAD....but I'm posting it anyway so you won't think I'm a slacker or ignoring my blog.
Maybe I will be able to show you the amazing video & pics at another time...when karma or whatever decides to let me! ......

The Video is up now. See it at the end of this post!

Check this out friends! Yesterday, Sunday, we skipped church & headed out for some much needed time alone. Our life has gotten a little crazy & strange recently, so a day enjoying nature sounded just right...and it was! In fact we got to meet some wild nature by surprise as we were heading down from hiking to The Lower Falls in Yosemite.

The gorgeous bear in the video above, if it EVER finishes loading, shocked everyone on the trail in the middle of the day Sunday. I heard someone yell, "Bear!" behind us & turned to see this guy ( the bear) ambling across the path we had just been on! At first, I will admit that I freaked inside! My stomach turned & I frantically said to Hubs, "What do we do, where do we go? What should we do?" Then I saw a lady taking a picture & I lost all fear as I remembered I had my camera in my hand & I went after him! If this video does not load properly I will post the stills I took.

I camped in Yosemite for weeks with my family as a child & my Mom loved seeing bears. She always made sure we got a camp-site near the garbage cans! Ha! I remember walking to the bathroom with my little sis at night, banging a spoon against a pan to scare them away! The big thing to do at Yosemite in those days was to go park at the camp DUMP! Every night the bears would come & all the cars would turn their lights on & enjoy the evenings entertainment! Ha!

But it was also entirely possible to spend a week at Yosemite & never see a bear at all....and we got to see one while only there for a few hours! My Mom is going to be so jealous!! I kind of feel like it was a little kiss from God actually. Hubs kept saying, "Bet you can't wait to get it on Facebook & your blog, huh?" And he was right!

One of the other reasons for taking the drive (in our car) was a trail run to see if it would be a good trip for our first long motorcycle journey. It took 3 hours to get there & the longest bike trips we have done so far have been about 3 or 4 hours total! But we have learned that if we stop often & stretch our legs, get a meal, walk through a shop or something, it makes the long distance a fun experience. We saw that it is a gorgeous drive & look forward to doing it on the bike when the weather gets consistently nice! Yay!

Ok, this video upload has been "Processing" for over 10 minutes! Blogger, if you can't do it, just tell me! Don't keep me hanging here!


  1. What a great story! Can't wait to see your pictures too.

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  3. Ok, that is too awesome. At least he was going the other way!

  4. Ok, that is too awesome. At least he was going the other way!

  5. Soooo amazing!!! And your pictures in the next post are just breathtaking!!! Have never been's a trip that my husband and I want to take the kids on eventually...when youngest is at least a few years older!!


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