Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Crooked!

Most people would describe me as a pretty stable and steady person, not given to emotional outbursts or depression. But this last month has been an unusually intense season of craziness in many areas of my life, the least of them being my firstborn moving several states away from us three weeks ago. I say that change is the least alarming because I am very happy about it, he is following his heart and that just makes me smile. But since I cannot tell my students what is really making me sad, I am letting them think it is because Writer Son has moved away. The other day a sweet young man put his arm around me and said, "Don't feel bad about your son moving, you still have all of us you know." I did not correct him.

All of that to help you understand why I almost lost it at Sam's Club today. I picked up my new glasses there yesterday. I was so excited because this time while shopping for glasses, I did not force myself to only look at the discount or lowest rung of glasses as I usually do. I decided that since glasses are something on my face every single day for years to come, I deserve to go for it and really buy what I want. So I did, I loved them and was pleased to hear Hubs ask the saleslady about some of the "extras" like glare control, sunglass transitioning etc.

So today we went back to the saleslady to have them adjusted because they were sitting wrong on my face. One side was higher than the other, I could feel it and I could see it in the mirror. I sat there as straight as possible and explained the problem to the lady. She stared into my eyes and said,

"The glasses are straight but one of your eyes is higher
than the other, look at your eyebrows, one is higher up than the other one."

WHAT? I have never seen that before and my first thought was that she was trying to blame her problem on me! I looked squarely into the mirror while the next customer also looked on to see if indeed I was a crooked face freak. YEP, one of my eyes is higher than the other one. Lovely! Here is part of the problem.....

My new glasses are these cute half rimmed lightweight things in a mauve color frame. I love them a lot! Here are my old glasses......

Apparently that big old single line across my face in the new glasses is highlighting the fact that I am crooked! Since there is no color or frame along the sides or bottom of my eyes, it is making it really obvious that I am not perfect!! What? Ha! Now, can I complain about this or get something different? Umm no! The saleslady twisted the glasses up a bit so that when you set them down on a table they rock like a rocking chair! But they do look a little bit better on my face.

Did I lose it and start crying all over that poor lady? Almost. Hubs was near, thankfully and he started chatting with her a bit so I could take a deep breath and keep my cool. How would I ever explain to her that my life is in the middle of being turned upside down and I am working really hard on figuring out what I am good at and what I want to do with the rest of my time here on this earth. (Melodramatic?, a bit, but still!)

Thanks for listening, it helps a lot.


  1. Hi Brenda! You're so sweet to want a calligram! I actually have a cruiser style motorcycle one already made up that would work great. You can see a sample of it by going to my etsy store and going to the Calligram o rama section and look for the cruiser motorcycle calligram. If you like it, I'll send you one at a special blogger friend rate! To make a custom one though, takes several hours and I don't really have to time to do that right now. Hopefully the one I already have will work? Just let me know in a comment too. ;-D

  2. You're not a "crooked face freak!" You're perfect just the way you are. If both sides of our faces were totally matching, then we'd look like freaks!
    My mother in law once told me to never dye my hair because God made it exactly the color that is most flattering to me. But, I'd have to disagree with that one. I think God wants us to be creative! haha!

  3. Isn't it funny what can start to throw us for a loop when life is in the midst of "happening". Breathing out is always a good idea.

  4. I was always told when everything seems to be going wrong, that is when God is getting everything in position to give an ultimate blessing. He's never late and He's never a "No-Show". So be prepared for a life changing blessing.

  5. Debbie- wow, I believe you are right on! Some hints of really good things to come are appearing these last 2 days! Thanx for your encouragement, all.

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  7. You are an artist. Nothing about you should be symmetrical or "straight." You should be proud to be crooked, interesting, and unique ... and GORGEOUS, might I add. You are seriously a knockout. I completely understand getting worked up about what's "wrong" with you because I'm absolutely the same way. But your readers, and I'm sure all the people in your "real" life, think you are amazing in every way.

  8. Awwwe!! You know, I flew off the handle once because a friend (about 12 or so years younger than me) that I met through youth ministry came to visit me and commented on how young I looked in my wedding picture...then a day later commented on my facebook picture and how young it looked compared to me now! The fb picture was only a few years old!! It's hard to take criticism on our faces I think!! They are the windows to our soul certainly doesn't feel OLD...OR CROOKED!!!
    Your face looks perfectly beautiful to me...I think your eye-glass lady has been trained to find things like that...she probably even had a hidden mini-level!! Haha!!


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