Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please Step away from the Roller Coaster

Things are looking good again in my little world! Changes are coming that will benefit many and I feel inspired to let my imagination go & fantasize about all the crazy possibilities in my future! I have just deleted a couple of my posts due to the sensitive nature of what I shared, it was making me nervous that the wrong people may read them & that would not be good. (Not really the "wrong people", but the wrong timing!) So, those wonderful blog-friends who read them & commented with so much warmth & encouragement, your reward is that you are the elite few who know what I am talking about!! Wow, don't you feel better about yourself already? Ha! ( And I realize that the title will not make sense to most of you, sorry!)
In the meantime, I am loving the article writing job so much! My mind keeps me up at night with new ideas of things to write about! I need to re-learn some mind discipline tools for getting it to shut-up and let me sleep! But I figure that too many ideas is a lot better than not enough ideas, right?

This web content writing job is also causing me to yearn for this blog space where I am free to talk about myself or be funny etc., because the job-writing has to be very business-like & general. So you may be getting some lighter & more personal version of the same subjects I am discussing in the job. Wow, that last sentence needs some serious work, but I don't have time & I'm going to just let it hang there for you to figure out, You're welcome. FREEDOM!

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