Sunday, February 10, 2008

How'd I Get Here?

I will be 53 in a few days. It is a fact, according to my birth certificate & my mom, I was born that many years ago this month. But..........

I keep forgetting it until I look in the mirror in the early mornings & see my moms face looking back at me. Now, I love her face but that does not stop me from rushing to my make-up kit! Make up & lots of coffee does wonders for my morning self-esteem.

I do not FEEL 53. I forget my age because it does not define me & I will not let it hold me back from what I want to do, whether it is wearing jeans to work or traveling all over the world.

When I was 23 I had no idea how amazing my life would be. My plan was to get married, have some kids, maybe teach pre-school & be a pastors wife possibly. That was it, that was my big dream.

Now I am 53 & I have been to China, Hong Kong & Japan. I have also been to Fiji three times & will go to the Philipines this year! These pictures are from China & Fiji trips that I made, all in the last 5 years! How in the world did I get here?

I got here one day at a time just like everyone else. One choice at a time, one "Yes" at a time when asked to do something scarey & too big for me. Go to some remote, primitive Fijian islands to encourage & bless the people? Gather a group of 40 young people to travel across the globe to slog through mud into small taxi boats to spend time with lovely Fijians who are completely secluded from the world? "Umm, YES!"

I don't feel 53 & I am determined not to feel it. Or maybe it's just time to re-define what 53 should feel like. It's not OLD, I know that for sure. It's wonderful!
I am loving my life & would not change a thing. Well that's not quite true. I would change how I look first thing in the morning. The 23 year old face & body would be a great birthday present! (But a little freaky!)


  1. it...A basket full of flip flops! That is all I live in May through October. Life is good isn't it? Congrat's on what sounds like a wonderful life with wonderful people in it.

  2. What a beautiful perspective that I hope to have as I grow older! Thanks for the insight, and for commenting on my blog. I loved your thoughts!


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