Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't Know How To Do It

My plan when I opened this blog site was to have a place where I could speak freely without consequence. I thought that my regular site might be too confining because it is read by all my family & Christian friends. Not that I was imagining myself writing R rated stuff by any means! (I did leave a comment on someones blog recently complaining about my small bra size, but that's as racy as I'll probably get!)

It is just that I was finding myself editing too much & wondering what so & so would think about what I was putting out there. I did not want everything I wrote to be about God. I wanted to see what it felt like to talk about parts of my life that are not all about my faith.

And there, my friend is the sticky-wicket as my mom used to say. I do not have a section of my life that is unaffected by God. He is in my car, in my classroom with my students, in my bedroom with my husband, in my home with my sons & even with me right now involved in writing a post for my blog! I can't help it! Sorry, I tried, really I did. He laughs at my baby boobies jokes & helps me be patient with my sons who are living back at home again after we got used to having the house to ourselves. God is looking in the mirror with me reminding me not to groan at what He created.

When I used to get bored at a church service, I am absolutely positive that He was even more bored! Can you imagine how many times he has heard the exact same messages over & over again? Yuck! Maybe that is why I cannot seperate Him from the reality of my life. Because I know that He fits into every section of it. Some people, actually most Christians, see God in two ways. Either they see Him as a once-a-week relative they have to visit with for an hour or two every Sunday, or they turn every minute of their life into a weird spiritual experience that makes everyone run away when they see them in the store or school.

I believe that God fits into all of my life because He created me to be exactly who & how I am right now. He loves me just as much when I'm at Walmart or the beach as He does when I'm at church. Could we even entertain the notion that He might prefer I go to the beach instead of church some Sunday? I know people who would strongly disagree with that idea.

So, I began this post by saying that I wanted a place to write without worrying about the consequences. I thought I would need the freedom to not talk about God....instead I need the freedom to go ahead & talk about Him if I feel like it. And He is probably chuckeling at me right now!


  1. I agree with you on this I feel as close to God or maybe even closer when I'm in the forest or on the beach.

    My Grandfather used to say his church was in the woods.

    I enjoyed reading this!

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately we humans have cluttered up traditional church with so much "stuff" that wastes time & is not really aimed at God at all. Is it about Him or us? I believe that He just wants to be with people who love Him anyway He can get it!


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