Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Now Writing at Recovering Church Lady...

Come see me at my full-time site, Recovering Church Lady.
For my long time friends met through
Walking Butterfly,
here is an updated pic of my amazing family!
My men and their lady-loves
keep me smiling
and guessing all the time.
Writer Son (stripe shirt) is married
to Sassy Bride.
Rocker Son is living with
adorable Tattoo Girl,
and I consider her my second DIL.
Hubs & I,
well we are still wondering what is next for us
after 2 job losses.
Hubs is working full-time at Home Depot
and I am bringing in what I can
with my writing.

Come on over to Recovering Church Lady,
I promise it's not all churchy and stuff
because I am not all churchy and stuff.
I still love God and He loves me
and we are walking into
the great unknown together.

See you over here ok?

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