Friday, November 18, 2011

Yes, I Am Thinking About Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving!

Isn't she wonderful? This angel has visited Walking Butterfly Blog before. I made her a few years ago and made them for all my neighbors the same year. I love her and I am super excited to make one for Sassy Bride and Tattoo Girl this year!  So, so excited! 

I am very tempted (and will probably give in) to add a tiny tattoo on the hand or shoulder of Tattoo Girl's. Wouldn't that be the best? Ha! If I could color the hair pink without ruining it I would try that too. For Sassy Bride's angel I am going to use some left over ribbon from the wedding! 

These angels are super easy and do not involve any sewing because the dress is craft paper. I love that. Just a glue gun and go!

Any other fun Christmas crafts you guys are doing? 


  1. Your Angel looks sweet. Stopping by to say Hi from the Over 40 Blog Hop.Come visit me when you can.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. In Canada, Thanksgiving is in early October. And while Advent and Christmas planning is important in the Church, to be planning Christmas before Thanksgiving would be considered a bit . . . strange.

    But the angels for your mens' women would be awesome. Tattoo and wedding ribbon are excellent ideas.

    Happy Thanksgiving — Merry Christmas!


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