Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Clause Graveyards.....

Let me begin with a warning & mild disclaimer ok? If you have a yard full of the soon-to-be-mentioned Christmas decorations; I am very sorry & do not wish to hurt your feelings. I am normally not a "ranting" kind of person & have often been described as kind & sweet. But please let me voice my opinion on something which may make me unpopular but I just cannot keep it to myself any longer. (Of course my husband knows I haven't been keeping it to myself at all!)

Here is the view in my own neighborhood today & everyday for the last few weeks!. It can only be described as a Santa graveyard in every direction I look.

All of these photos were taken of completely different homes within 2 blocks of my house. I mean, really, it looks like some crazy serial santa sniper has been driving around my neighborhood! What does this sight do to the little kids around here? Everywhere I go in my town I am seeing this disturbing scene!
But the truly saddest part is that even when these plastic characters are standing up, all tall & healthy...they are still hideous! Just sayin'.


  1. You know what...I don't like them either. I think they stand out like a sore thumb. When people have them, I'm not crazy about them. They have to be held up with wires and you hear the machine blowing air into them making them stand upright.

    What is wrong with just lights or some candy canes or santas people stick in the ground? LOL

    Merry Christmas Brenda!!!

  2. I KNOW! This post just made you my new favorite person. My neighbors with their yard full of Christmas blow up carnage are my least favorites.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Ha Ha! I agree! That's awful! The only large-scale decoration that I've ever seen that was kinda cool was a 6 foot pumpkin...and only because it reminded me of It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

  4. Oh, I SO hear you on this one! Outside of the fact my little Dylan just thinks it's all the coolest stuff going, I could forego all outside holiday decorations except for lights. Now, THOSE I like. But people can tend to go overboard on them, too. It's Christmas Eve morning, 2 am, as I write this, so....


  5. hehehe, crazy serial santa sniper---that is so funny. Now when I drive around and see the same in our town I will think of you. It is amazing the excess that erupts on yards this time of year. Merry Christmas Brenda!

  6. I posted about this last year! Is there anything sadder than a deflated Santa? You cracked me up. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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