Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy News - Sad news

I was sitting on my bed having a good cry yesterday. My sister had called and reported that our mom's health was deteriorating rapidly and the doctors are strongly suggesting removing life support. We had already been in this spot a few weeks ago but then she had rallied and we were given just enough hope to fight for her life. But now it is real and it is happening.

Hubs came into the house after getting the mail and called to me that I had something from a publishing company. He came into the room and handed the letter to me with a small joke that it is my big book deal at last and I laughed with him.

I set it down on the bed and we talked a bit about Mom and our plans to go up to be with the family again. As we talked I opened the letter which I assumed was junk mail since I have subscribed to so many writer's market lists lately.

But then the words, "WE ARE PLEASED TO INFORM YOU......" jumped out at me and I screamed and shook the letter at him! It is my first ACCEPTANCE from a publishing place to include my writing in their quarterly magazine! I sent my little piece in last September and the letter was to inform me that it will appear in the Fall 2011 publication! Included was a check for twenty dollars. (Someday somehow, that number is going to move on up to $200 for a piece!)

Deep sadness and deep joy in the same moment......I know my mom would be so pleased for me.


  1. Sending you cyber hugs of comfort AND congratulations.

  2. Oh goodness! My prayers are with you...

  3. Congrats on the publishing BS. I'm so sorry your Mom is not doing well. I wonder if she didn't have the turn around last time because you were there and she wanted to see you? Of course I don't know all the details but I know my Dad perked up the day before he passed and was able to tell me he loved me. It's never easy. I pray for her and for your family. Keep us posted.

  4. I am so sorry about your mom. Praying for comfort for you. Congratulations on the publication. That's fantastic!

  5. wow, what do I say? how do I respond? both ends of the spectrum and I feel totally helpless. I pray for comfort for you and your family, peace for you all, and way to kick butt with the piece. Your mom would be so proud.

  6. What a bittersweet day. Congratulations and I am sorry at the same time.

  7. Thank you all, I knew you would appreciate the news in both areas of my life. I am better today with letting go of Mom (again). I know where she will be and I know I will see her again.

    Published in a real live paper magazine mailed out to subscribers!! I love the online acceptances, but this just feels real-er somehow! Ha! Old school still I guess!

  8. I´m so happy for you, yet so sad. Congrats on getting published. That is really exciting.
    My prayers are with you and your mom. I hope she will find the peace to go to her heavenly Father.

  9. I love how you posted the same thing on both of your blogs but reversed the titles. Here, the post is called "Happy News - Sad News." On Recovering Church Lady, it's "Sad News - Happy News." Does this blog make you happier than the other? Do you find double-blogging difficult or cumbersome? I'm big on looking for meaning where there is none. ;)

    I just wanted to point out that little detail about your titles.

    I hope today is all happy and no sad!

  10. Shawna, you are a goof you know that? But a totally lovable one, for sure! I did not do the title switch on purpose, just forgetful. I love having two blogs, it makes my options wider for subjects and freedom.

  11. Susan, I'm glad your celebrating the good news in light of the developments with your mom. Many years ago, a couple weeks after I started my dream job, my dad died. To this day, I like to think he was ready to after he knew I was in a good place. You never know, that may be the same with your mom. Congrats, fellow writer!


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