Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Are charm bracelets back "in"? Is it even in to say "in"? Either way I am wearing my cherished charm bracelet these days when I feel the urge. It cannot be a day when I will be on my laptop much because I do not want to scratch my sweet Mac. I also have to be the mood to hear some jingle-jangle because that just comes with a charm bracelet.

My silvery collection of charms was given to me by my mom when I was a teenager. It is so cool to look at each charm and recall the reason it is there. Can you see the princess phone? Imagine the squealing excitement when I was granted a beautiful pink princess phone in my OWN ROOM as a teenager! The dial even lit up in the dark!

There is also a silver replica of a drivers license there, engraved with my name, date and real license number! I was given the heart as a bridesmaid for a dear friend. Unfortunately they are no longer married. But I'm not giving up my pretty engraved heart! Of course the Graduation hat is self-explanatory, as are the christmas tree and the two Disneyland charms of Dumbo and a Cinderella carriage.

This bit of old jewelry has been tucked away for years and recently it came across my attention as I was cleaning out some personal belongings. As soon as Hubs saw it, he got a funny look, which he tried to hide  from me. But I saw it and said nothing. A bit later he randomly (or so he thought) told me he had a great idea for my next gift. (Hello?! I saw the look!)

On Easter weekend we went to our sweet getaway before getting the call about my mom being sick. As we walked leisurely through some little shops I could see that he was in his "hunter" mode as he casually looked over the jewelry cases. Sure enough he asked a clerk to show him something and I was presented with the beautiful silver be-jeweled butterfly for my bracelet!

And, once again...I was charmed.


  1. I love my charm bracelet. I don't wear it often since it snags and bangs up stuff. I think my favorite charm is the little Tiffany jet airplane with rotating propellers that my daughter got me to remember my dad. Charm bracelets never go out of style! :)

  2. Nice storybook moments to wear around your wrist. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love the butterfly!!!

  3. Love this! I have one too. A different charm was given to me each month I battled colon cancer 10 years ago. I love looking at it now and then by I never wear it. A little too jangly for me. haha! Maybe I should wear it....they're "in" now you know.

  4. What a lovely bracelet. That is so cool that each charm has such meaning. Your hubby gets mega points for the butterfly.


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