Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Backyard Swing

My Backyard Swing…….
Here is my backyard swing, I love it even though it’s old & ugly & faded. I come out here early in the morning in my jammies & enjoy my coffee while listening to the birds. I usually bring my Bible & journal out with me but seldom open them. Coffee & tweeting birds…what more do you need?
My views from this spot are pretty nice for an ordinary house on the corner of a cul-de-sac. Right in the middle of my yard is a huge almond tree loaded with almonds right now as you can see.

This tree has sort of a weird shape due to my husbands’ fear of the lady horticulturist that lives behind us. The first year we lived here Hubs came out to trim the messy looking tree & after a bit of chopping away he heard an authorative voice from the other side of the fence.
“What are you doing? You are trimming that tree at the wrong time with the wrong tool & you are doing it wrong!” So now, years later it looks kinda goofy but it gives our yard some nice shade.

Here is my view while looking up from my comfy spot. I removed the canopy that came with the swing because I like the sun (I know, I know, leave me alone!) and at night I love to see the stars. Earlier today I actually fell asleep out here.
Tony is my snooze partner. (Yeah a totally original name for a tiger stripe cat huh?) He likes the birds too, but I always make a noise and ruin his hunting moments out here. That’s when he gives me this face…..!
My backyard is far from being a fancy gorgeous place even though all 17 of the neighborhood cats seem to like it. But I really love it. Obviously I am not a yard work kinda person, we’ve kept it low maintenance & barely alive. Most "yard people" really mean that they like working in the yard. Not me, I just like sitting in it!

It’s my little retreat place, early in the morning, sunning in the afternoon & watching the stars late at night. It relaxes me & helps me get my mind to slow down. It’s peaceful…at least until the people next door start screaming “Marco!..Polo!…Marco!...Polo!” Oh man!

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  1. I'm not a "yard" person as such either. It's gotten too humid in Tennessee for us to sit outside much.

    I enjoyed your pictures. Your yard is very very nice. I assume your neighbors have a pool and kids!

    Something about early morning, being outside, and coffee...I anticipate doing that in heaven!


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