Thursday, January 31, 2008

Walking Butterfly

Two mornings after recording the previous story about breaking out of my cocoon, a funny little two-word phrase popped into my mind. It made me smile and even giggle; it was so silly. Then a picture came with the phrase that was really goofy.

The words that came were 'walking butterfly', and the picture was a beautiful butterfly with mult-colored wings that were huge behind her. They were strong and bright and even a bit overwhelming. But she was walking! I could clearly see her walking down the sidewalk, dragging those perfectly good wings behind. She seemed quite pleased with herself and even carried a nice purse that matched her shoes. I told you it was silly!

I suppose the thought of a walking butterfly could be seen as a sad picture, but for me it was comical because I knew that I was that silly butterfly and that God was lovingly sending me a message. He was gently showing me that I already have all I need to begin to fly free. I keep waiting and asking Him to equip me and make me all He wants me to be. While I am asking, He is looking at those huge wings that I am dragging around. He has given us the equipment, but we need to use it.

Has God given you some promises? Has He been growing you and changing you? One of the root causes for feelings of frustration can be that you are going through a growth spurt. Are you waiting anxiously for Him to change you into a great woman or man of God? You may need to look behind you. Dragging those huge wings can be frustrating and hard. Maybe it's time for us to fly!

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