Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm In The Philippines!

Hi Friends!
We arrived safe, tired & excited in the Philippines after 24 hours of travel! It is hot & humid like Fiji, also like Fiji the people are totally welcoming & warm to all of us. The smiles just melt me every time.
Last night our group of 22 students (Yay, Roz is here too!) & 7 leaders were welcomed with a huge feast as we got to meet the 12 Australians who are here as the third cord of the much anticipated joining of three nations to bless the Philippines. Tonight we will meet the Philippine School of the Supernatural & with all three groups together we are convinced that it will be explosive!
This morning one of the Aussies described a picture she had just seen while we worshiped. She saw it raining on this area & the people running out into it instead of running for cover. It was God-rain, His presence & His pleasure. As she shared the vision it was hard to imagine because it is so very hot here....but as I sit & type this blog to you it is now thundering & pouring so hard that it is almost frightening! I am picturing our students who are out having a free day of sightseeing; are they running for cover or are they dancing in the rain?? I know them well enough to look forward to some crazy dancing stories tonight!!
This week is going to be a time of tranformation for us as individuals & this beautiful nation. Dave said that he has longed to see the time when a nation could be changed in just a day & he belives that this is the time & this is the place. What we do here in the next few days will not end in the next few days. It will bring a permanent upgrade to the wonderful church here that Joe & Primrose are leading. Each one of us here also has the opportunity to step into brand new territory & never go back to the old.
I know that all of the students at Potter's House would want me to say thank you to all of you who were so instrumental in bringing them here. Thank you also for your continued prayer as we try to hear The Father & obey.

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